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Our Construction Process

When you think of home construction, you wouldn’t usually think of opening the door to a factory, but it is becoming increasingly popular for custom homes to be constructed off-site, in an environment we can completely control. Hathaway Homes Group is your go-to home builders in Idaho Falls and St. Anthony.

Just some of the advantages include:

  • Environment – Snow days will no longer stop construction.
  • Time – Everything from plumbing to electrics is handled right in the factory, which prevents scheduling and other similar delays.
  • Price – Because everything is done under one roof, we can manage the cost much more efficiently, which in turn saves you money.
  • Quality – We have the strictest quality control officers in the business, and we won’t sign off on a home until it is perfect.

The Process

Even though a home constructed within a factory may sound like a simpler process than building on site, just as much care goes in to ensuring the homes we produce are of the highest quality. Our manufactures of the brands carried by Hathaway Homes Group have teams of skilled craftsmen that pour so much passion and expertise into their work, you can tell the difference.

Just some of the stages we go through include:

  1. Frame formation welding. This supports the entire structure and must follow a strict federal building code
  2. Floor joists, insulation, heat ducts and plumbing are installed next.
  3. Flooring is secured into place.
  4. The walls are erected using sheetrock to ensure stability and strength.
  5. Truss rafters and high-grade insulation are installed.
  6. Roofing is installed, which is sealed tar for all-weather protection.
  7. Interior work, such as kitchen fittings, are installed
  8. Windows and siding are added
  9. An inspection is carried out to ensure the quality is perfect – we accept nothing less.